Monday 6 June 2016

MyPayroll Premium Version

No manual calculation needed. Just update leave taken and verify O/T at attendance base on
system auto calculated O/T hour. Process payroll with one button.

Package Included:

My Payroll HR System
Allow to be backup from others location back to HQ.
Group Report.
     # Setup - Allowance Parameter.
     # Advance - Cash advance, Mid Month Advance & Loan.
     # Table - Department, Position, Allowance, Deduction, Bank Reference, EPF, SOCSO, 
                   PCB, Leave.

Payroll Module
Employees Master.Leave Management
Payroll Computation. 

Human Resources Management
Education Background .
Job History.
Employee References.
Health Records.
Training Records.
Personal Expenses.
Benefit In Kind.
Performance Assessment. 

Standard Features
 Auto Compute salary, O/T, EPF, SOSCO, PCB,EIS base on Government Standard.
 EPF - Report, Form A, BBCD, Diskette, On Line.
 SOCSO - Report, Formb A, 2,3,  Diskette, On Line.
 PCB - IRB Compliance - Report , Form CP 39, Yearly Tax Report, EA Form, CP8D, 22,
 22A, CP159,PCB 2.
 ASNB - Report, Diskette.Bank - Report, Diskette, On Line, Credit Transfer List, bank
 Instruction Letter.
 An effective Payroll System for all type of business an industries.
 Control by access level.
 Export selected fields to Excel/CSV/Text & PDF format. 
 Substitute Account No.- Employee salary bank in to others account.
 Exchange Employee No, Transfer Employee Inter Group, Department.
 Daily, Weekly, Monthly, hourly and piece rated computation.
 Export selected fields to Excel/CSV/Text & PDF format.
EA Processing and EA Form Printing. Borang E (CP 8D)

Additional Features
Career Development. 

     # User can create their own letter format.
     # Monitoring of every career of employee.
Backup & Restore any time they like.
Filter by selection of department, project, location, position and etc 
Accept other currency conversion.

Optional Features
Multi companies for same group of companies & same location. 
Allow to be download to pendrive from other location to HQ.  
Branch synchronization. 

My Payroll Time Management
     # Setup - Working Time Table,P/Holiday, Leave Entitlement. 
     # Time Clock - Working calender, down load terminal data from pen drive/network to attendance,
     #  Enquiry clock data.
     #  Attendance - Daily attendance records, Leave Entry,O/T hour, daily remarks, daily 
                            special incentive base on project.
     # Report - Daily/Weekly/Monthly report.

Standard Features
Auto get time from clock/Manual entry work time.  
Auto generate O/T hour base on work time & time setting. 
Attendance by access level.

Additional Features

Auto compute allowance/ deduction, O/T hour,leave base on customer setting to My
Payroll System.
Backup & Restore any time they like. 
All report can be export to Excel/CSV/Text & PDF format.

Filter by selection of department, project, location, position and etc.
Email Payslip

Payroll Process Flow
How to Generate EA Form
How to Set Duty Roster or Working Calendar base on working pattern
How to generate daily attendance
How to do End Month Closing and backup
How to Repair Database

Client Setup                IPSetup                  Verifytrans.mdb

 Heidi                                   Data                        Manual

Msstdfmt                            APPS.ZIP