Tuesday 19 April 2016


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Outsource Payroll Service

MySolutions has Payroll Outsourcing Services for employing an outside agency to do the routine work of managing salary and HR solutions, and provide the process for HR letter generating, End-user training and system support for the system. with our years of experience guarantee our service will help you from time saving and cost effective alternative to internal payroll processing in your company.

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Why Outsource Payroll?

Time and Cost

had a In house payroll service cost a lot of money by less hire employees and provide them training, spending in your company on task of printing and distributing checks, and creating documents and reports.


Employees can have time focus on doing more productive works.


Good payroll services provider is less makes serious error compare with In house staff in your company.


with payroll services, the output speed and quality won't vary in accordance with company holiday and employees illness. you do not need to spend time to teach your employees to learn the system.