Monday, 9 May 2016

Time Management System

Time Management System (TMS) is a subsystem to manage time in a branch of a company.
There are several main modules in TMS: System can be link with Electronic Time Clock device such as Fingerprint, Touch and Go & Bar Code reader.

- enable employees to fill in the employees basic infomation and etc. 

Duty Roster
- the working timetable for the staffs. It can be set difference time frame for difference group or difference employee.

Time Clock Download
- enable staff to download the working hour including check-in and check-out time from electronics time clock device base on duty roster. It will auto calculate lateness, earlier out & overtime.

- the details of working hour for each of the employees. Enable user to keyin leave, amend O/T hour, lateness and earlier out.

- enable to generate various report such as Leave Taken report, late in report, discrepancy report, daily attendance report, attendance sheet, Monthly/Weekly/Daily Man hour report/Analysis.