Tuesday 24 April 2018


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 Other Range of Software Available:
i.     Hire Purchase System
ii.    Haulage Management System
iii.   MRP System
iv.   Motorcar Workshop System
v.    Production Plan System
vi.   Fuel Management System
vii.  Hand Phone Management System
viii .Foreign Worker Management System
ix.   Inventories Management System
x.    Purchase Order System
xi .  Timber Log System
xii . Cheque Writter
xiii. Accounting System 

Optional Products:
i.      Human Resource Management System (MY HRM)
ii.     Time Management System (MY Time Attendance)
iii.    Internet Leave Application System (MY e-Leave)
iv.    Internet Claim Submission System (MY e-Claim)
v.     Internet Job Recruitment (MY e-job)
vi.    Internet Overtime Application (MY e-OT) 
vii.   Internet Pay slip (My e-payslip)
viii   Finger Tec Devices.
ix.    Touch & Go Devices
x.     Real Time Fingerprint/Touch & Go System
xi.    SMS Leave System
xii    Overtime Management System
xiii   Canteen Management System

i.     E-Leave System
ii.    E-Overtime System
iii.   E-Claim System
iv.   E-Payslip & E-EA Form
v.    E-Job Application (Recruitment) System
vi.   E-Attendance System
vii.  E-Booking System
viii. E-Training System
ix.   E-Document (Increment Letter, Promotion letter etc...)