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Payroll System

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Overview of MYPayroll System


Payroll Module

a.Employees Master Module
To allow a user to key in employees details information/record, say, education, family
background, job history, health record, pay history, all sort of benefit-in-kind, etc.
b.Payroll Computation Module

To cater for employees payroll processing and calculation - staff salary, advance,
mid-month salary, allowance, OT, incentive, commission, EPF, SOCSO, PCB etc.  
c.Report Module
To generate various report such as Payroll summary, Payslip, EA Form, etc.
d.Government Module
To generate statutory forms to KWSP, PERKESO & LHDN.
e.Payment Module
To generate payment report in the prescribed format for submission to bank.

HRM System

a. Education Background Module
To enable user key in details education background.
b. Job Historical Module
To allow user key in employee job historical records.
c. Employee Reference Module
To enter employee spouse and children detail for monthly PCB deduction calculations.
d. Health Record Module
To record company medical claim policy and employee medical claims.
e. Training Record Module
To monitor and record company training programs and progress.
f. Personal Expenses Module
To enable user capture employee personal expenses for tax deduction purpose.
g. Benefit in Kind Module
To record benefit in kind to employees.
h. Performance Assessment Module
To generate employee performance assessment records.

TMS System

a.Premier Fingerprint Time Attendance System (Fingerprint and Touch & Go Function)

A systematic method of data collection, scan employee fingerprint and presto- attendance record for the day will be taken care, with RFID Card system.
b.Premier Fingerprint Time Attendance System (Fingerprint Function only)
Same functions as (i) above without RFID features.
c. Standard RFID Card Time Attendance System (Touch & Go Function only)
Standard RFID Card Time Attendance system to capture employee attendance.

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My Payroll Version
My Payroll consists of 4 version :-

MBB Version
Lite Version
Standard Version 
Premium Version