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Malaysia TMS, HR & Payroll System - MyPayroll systems are certified and endorsed by Inland Revenue
Board of Malaysia.21 Years of designing and developing various types of tailored made software.

TMS system compatible with Biometrics-Fingerprint, touch & Go, Face Scan device, E-Leave,
e-claim, e-payslip, e-recruitment & e-overtime approval system.

Malaysia Payroll System

"MY Payroll" System

The idea of developing this "MY Payroll" is after numbers of years of experiences in gaining customers' expectation coupled with the effort to leverage our expertise in area of research and development on payroll software which has eventually lead to new revolution of "MY Payroll".

Our founder has vast experiences in designing and developing various types of tailored made software for the past 20 years.

In 1997, the payroll system was developed and customized based on customers' requirements. At that time, it was developed using FoxPro Dos version. The main objective was to provide customers with solution to ease their work in payroll calculation and annual leave maintenance. All the basic features of payroll features of payroll were available in that system.

In year 2001, our founder has successfully developed full version of payroll system and thereafter, this payroll system has been re-designed using Microsoft Visual Basic and running in Windows Platform with FoxPro Database. With this revolution, this payroll system has been designed in real time data collection solution, in which all attendance will be registered either via Bar Code Time Clock, Proximity Time Clock, Biometric Time Clock or Smart Card Time Clock whereby employee attendance will be obtained immediately.

With this, it helps to ease out the work load of company's HR Department and also to improve those management report required by the company management team. Apart from this, this payroll system also helps to churn out various statutory reports for submission to respective authorities, say IRBM, KWSP, and PERKESO which includes generation of uploading payment file. The Time Management System ("TMS") and payroll System has been designed in user friendly manner, thus it reduces the learning curve process in handling this application.

In year 2004, TMS and Payroll System was changed to new platform, namely, Microsoft Access Database.

In year 2006, TMS and Payroll System has been fully integrated with HR solution features. Subsequently, it has been shifted to another stronger platform, called MYSQL Database which is more stable database to ease data recovery, data backup and increase data processing speed.

After some years, the fully integrated payroll system becomes relatively matured and stable. IRBM has granted the consent and endorsed "My Payroll" as a reliable and PCB compliance software. It is over pride and achievement to such recognition from IRBM.